About H&H Homestead

Hi, my name is Helena Dale.
I am a lover of fashion, gardening and all things vintage.
My family is the inspiration for this amazing journey! So who is the other “H”? Hugh, my father, who taught me that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.
I truly believe he would be so proud if he could see how I have carried on the family tradition. And last but not least, Homestead represents my mother who taught me “there is no place like home”.
I hosted my first barn sale in my backyard in March of 2013.
H&H Homestead was inspired by my father’s business, Jones Auto Parts (aka) The Junkyard. Little did we know that my random pickin’ of the scrap pile would end up serving hundreds of people each month! The barn has seen people from all over Georgia and even a few from neighboring states. I hope you will plan to come visit the barn one day too!
Thanks for stopping by and sharing this journey with me….see ya at the barn!
Xo - Helena


10345 Gillsville Rd
Maysville, GA




[email protected]